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Touchstone is a mental wellness care provider. Therapy can help introduce strategies to take back control of your life. The touchstone team has extensive training in treating eating disorders, trauma, mood disorders, co-occurring disorders, and personality disorders. They can provide treatment virtually with their new Telehealth options.


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"I worked at Touchstone Cons: Trying to accommodate the demands of management with no support."

Former Employee - Lettings Consultant says

"I worked at Touchstone full-time for less than a year Cons: Nothing bad to say, just didnt work out."

Former Employee - Operations Manager says

"I worked at Touchstone full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Poor directorship, clients needs rarely a priority."

Former Employee - Property Manager says

"I worked at Touchstone full-time for less than a year Cons: senior management lack ability to make decisions, no investment in improving systems"

Current Employee - Junior Assistant Trainer says

"I have been working at Touchstone full-time for less than a year Cons: Sometimes they didn’t give lunch break"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"if you want to be overworked and unpaid then this is a great place for you to be. the upper management doesn't care about anything but money and putting more clients on your caseload after the fire and lay people off. they play favorites Cons: benefits, administration, pay, workload, little support"

MSTPSB Therapist (Former Employee) says

"The company has ran like a mom and pop corner store. Lack of consistency and professionalism. It’s like high school. You are judged on your popularity rather than your education or abilities. They transfer you or terminate you without any written or verbal warning. Your assignment will be consistently unstable. They have high turnover rates because they don’t value their workers. In short, Worst company I’ve ever worked for."

Clinical Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The company focus and vision has changed to $$$$ signs and not the families we serve. constant management changes and unrealistic expectations regarding productivity, not paying overtime but expecting employees to complete all their paperwork within 24 hours which forces employees to work after hours. management treat their employees poorly and do not appreciated hard working employees. lack of job security, employees who have invested many years at THS have been let go during company cut backs without any consideration or transparency. do your self a favor and stay away from this company. Cons: Horrible management, no job security, no consideraton or appreciation for their employees"

Therapist (Former Employee) says

"Program managers often make promises to community providers which the staff can not deliver. The staff are caught in between the two entities and program managers do not support staff. Clients often are dropped or not seen due to staffing shortages."

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This place only cares about production worse place to be at they expect so much with minimal help they will stress you out and not care especially Prevention/SBS no overtime and support for growth Cons: Production"

Clinical Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The employees work their hardest for the families they serve, however, this company is so unorganized until things are changed often. You are expected to know how to do things without any type of training. Additionally, work life balance is difficult, you don’t get overtime but in order to meet their ridiculous billing requirements you will usually end up work off the clock. I would not recommend that anyone apply for work with this company as they are unethical and there is no job security. Cons: Poor management, unethical, unreasonable billing expectations"

Outpatient Therapist (Former Employee) says

"Lack of training. Seriously. There is little to no training. Ask three people how to do a clinical document and each one will show you differently. Cons: Lack of Ethics, supervision and training"

Supervisor/Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company has poor structure and leadership. No job security and no support by leadership. Company is not about the service members and operates more like a corporation chasing the bottom line. Questionable ethical decisions being made that effect quality service. Lack of Compassion for its staff as well."

Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"Management just increased again the productivity target. We understand this is a business but pretty much this is about $$$, no the families. Cons: Very bad decisions, very poor management"

Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) says

"Hard to have self care when they expect you to work off the clock and not provide over time. Too many cliques and favoritism among supervisors. They are more worried about expanding and making money than they are keeping their current employees happy!"

Therapist/Clinician (Former Employee) says

"Monthly goals are counted in dollars, not productive therapy. Weekly meetings are for upper management to meet and joke around while workers watch and wonder what is the purpose Cons: Number pushers"

Outpatient therapist (Former Employee) says

"After working at Touchstone as an outpatient therapist, I quickly realized that supervision was poor, caseloads were 40+ and expectations were unreasonable. There was little support provided by “management”. At one point, several people were let go due to a miscalculation of budgeting. There are other agencies in the valley that provide a much higher quality of care rather than focusing on how they can spend the least amount of money on the most amount of families possible. The day I left, not one person in the office said a word, including my supervisor, after the countless hours I put in to helping our families. Cons: Low pay, high case load, lack of management, rude culture"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Short staffed management could pitch in with helping on floors nursing passes all meds and treatments/Dr communication/ total care, people are stressed and the residents know Cons: Hourly pay"

High Needs Case manager (Former Employee) says

"the CEO and CFO both left the company recently. they made bad financial moves and laid off a whole department about 1 year and a half ago. long story short they don't value their employees and are more focused on earning money that they squandered. high turn-around rate."

Outpatient Therapist (Former Employee) says

"I worked there as a full time therapist. The experience I had as a clinician was great. I had a good direct supervisor and manager that were supportive of my needs, and my therapists/colleagues were very supportive. Unfortunately upper management did not support staff members. There was no job security, at one point we did not get paid on time because HR “forgot” to submit our paychecks. It was around the holidays; several staff members were let go and it was completely unexpected. There was no transparency whatsoever. Cons: Hr, poor leadership, no job security"

Youth & Family Support Staff-RBT (Former Employee) says

"Direct support for families with kids at risk for out of home placement. Typical day involves a ton of driving, time spent with kids and siblings at home and in community or school. Schedule revolves around families needs so not much flexibility with hours. Caseload would go from 40+ hrs of direct support to barely any hours overnight, mainly bc of cancellations, no shows, etc. Culture needs improvement, turnover rate seems high. Hardest part of job is compassion fatigue. Cons: unstable schedule"

Facilities Technician (Former Employee) says

"Company has fired people the last three years every February. No over time allowed and no ones opinion matters unless you are CERTAIN supervisor or director only. Poor choices by management and no support at least on the facilities side. Cons: No upper management support"

Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Cons: You hate being in the office after a while because the morale is so low. 2 major cuts within a year with a lot of good people being let go. Regardless of how good of a worker you are if you don't make productivity consistently the will let you go. Families suffer because of that. Don't expect your supervisor to know more than you because they won't. Career advancement is almost non-existent. Very poor management. They hold the employees that bring money accountable but won't hold themselves accountable for poor management. High turnover because of that too. Training? what training? Transparency and communication is also basically non-existent. Cons: Poor management. Long hours. Productivity is very high."

Clinical Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Expectations are high with limited guidance and support from supervisors. Coworkers are great but agency as whole cares more about quantity of production over the quality. Cons: high workload, low compensation."

Clinical Care Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Job was very stressful at all times and higher management treats employees very poorly. I would not recommend this job.I had a very bad experience working here."